Online Courses that Make You Money
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Online Courses that Make You Money

Have you started your business and wondered if you need a little more training on the “how-to’s?” Are you just starting out and looking for resources to help you find your target audience and earn income?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Investing in yourself and your business sounds like a cliche, but it’s actually one of the best decisions you’ll make when it comes to the growth of your company. Think of it this way: it takes money to make money! While it’s true that you can start up your business with just your ideas and limited’s important to consider that if you get great training up front you won’t have to struggle later.

Of course, we’ll still make mistakes and go through learning curves because that’s what life is all about. You fall and you get up. You learn by trial and error. However, if you invest time and money into your education and systems, I promise you will see a big difference in how much easier you earn your income...and just how much that income is!

My job is all about teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to make the money they deserve by working smarter, not harder. When you’re working from home, running your own business and calling the’re in control of the outcome of your actions and the income you want to make. It’s my mission to teach you not just the basics, but the full ins-and-outs of starting a profitable business.

If you’ve been looking for courses and classes to study so you can finally have the tools to succeed, you’ll find them here! Below I’ve outlined my top selling courses that have changed my clients’ lives for the better and made them bank! Each course is only $47 USD and you’re guaranteed to take your business to the next level. Keep reading if you’re ready to invest in you!

$100K Crash Course

I’m sure you’ve seen your fellow business owners online celebrating when they’ve hit their monthly goals with lots of zeros at the end. I hope when you see this you are not discouraged, but motivated!

Making six figures sounds like an impossible goal until you break down its components...which means doing the math! Based on your current rates for your business, just calculate how many clients or projects you’ll need to complete a month to hit your goal by the end of the year!

I know I made it sound super simple, but of course there is a lot of underlying work that has to be done. It’s so important to define your system and flow of business so you’re capable of handling the workload, and servicing your clients to the best of your ability!

When you dive into my $100K Crash Course, you’ll learn a variety of methods to refine your business skills from the bottom to the top. I’m teaching you the fundamentals of business, such as how to brand your business, how to identify your customers needs as well as your own. I’m even giving you insight to my own personal formula that I’ve used for years to hit my six figure goal each year!

This course also includes a bonus just for you! If you haven’t yet defined your business skills, or what your business will be, I’ll show you ten ways you can make $100K online. Trust me, you’ll want to learn how even if you already have a business underway, because multiple streams of income doesn’t necessarily mean more just means more money!

Power of Promotion

I would argue that the biggest grief most business owners have is engagement. You’ve made your social media, you’re posting content often and get almost no feedback. If you have a decent following on top of this problem, it really becomes a mystery. This is why it’s always better to have quality over quantity!

If you’re looking to simply grow your follower count, let me stop you right there. With my course, Power of Promotion, my system is not just to grow your followers, but to match you with your target audience so you can connect with people who care about your services and products, and want to work with you!

Nothing is worse than having a cool product but no one is buying it. In this course, I’ll teach you what to promote, who to promote your business with and how to work with influencers to grow your business!

Don’t just take my word for it. One of my clients wrote a wonderful review of how my course helped her make $14,000 in less than a week!

From Ebony Evaughn, business coach:

“Thank you so much for this masterclass! My reach on IG has been on the decline, and I was struggling to figure out how I was going to get people on my webinar. I know I didn’t want to gamble with FB ads, so Power of Promotion was right on time. I implemented everything you said. Literally. I did a promo for my webinar on a Monday; hosted my webinar on Wednesday; and had $14K in the bag by Friday. I also gained over 400 targeted followers!”

Online Business Workshop

I designed this course with new entrepreneurs in mind! Starting a business requires more than your skills to perform a certain thing—you must also be business savvy.

Most people begin working for themselves because they realize they have transferable skills that they can monetize. While that is definitely how to identify your niche and target audience, when it comes to customer service, pricing, managing your books and more...there’s a lot to learn!

My Online Business Workshop covers the essentials for new and established business owners to examine their business structures and learn how to properly run a business! These skills include how to price your services and products and how (and when) to create sales; how to fulfill and ship orders; and how to communicate with your customers.

Here’s a testimony about how my course helped someone who was ready to launch her business!

From Kujuana Jimenez, upcoming entrepreneur:

“True knowledge! This course has proved to be very helpful for me when it comes to the business that I am trying to start. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I felt like I was really investing in myself and my upcoming business. Thank you so much.”