How to Get Paid Working from Home
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How to Get Paid Working from Home

We’ve all been there.

You work long hours that bleed into the evening. Your day started before the sun came up, or you’re off to work while your family is asleep at home and your friends are out for a fun night (pre-COVID, anyway!). When your alarm goes off to force you up and out of your cozy wish you could turn it off.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to start your work day when you decided to?

While some companies are enabling their businesses to be conducted remotely by their employees, not all can. People are beginning to take the initiative to start their own business right from their living room.

Now it’s your turn!

You can absolutely start today if you’re ready to move on from your 9 to 5, and be your own boss.

“The productivity of American workers has roughly doubled since 1968 (the peak of the minimum wage in inflation-adjusted dollars),” says William M. Rodgers III professor of public policy at the Bloustein School for Planning and Public Policy. “But workers making the minimum wage today make 25% less than they did then.”

This means you’re working harder for less!

The average American works about 1,779 hours per year. If you work full-time for $12 an hour, you’re bringing home around $25,000 annually. That’s not terrible...but imagine if you could create your own hourly rates and work schedule. That number could double!

Everyone has responsibilities, whether it’s paying your bills or taking care of your family. Working from home allows you the freedom to do so!

Now more than ever, there are plenty of routes to take to earn your income right on your laptop. It doesn’t take large capital or high-tech equipment to get started. All you need to prepare is your cell phone and reliable Wi-Fi!

As a business coach and social media strategist, it’s my job to train my clients on how to grow a lucrative business. Whether you’re looking for ways to make money online with your own full-time business, your side hustle or your source for extra income, here are my top three tips to get paid working from home.

Start Affiliate Marketing

I started making money online when I was only 18-years-old. If you’re a beginner to online marketing, this is a great introduction! It’s easy and it’s pretty fun! This job pays you to promote companies and their brands.

You’ll earn a commission (or a percentage of their sales) just by recommending their services or products on your social media! While I believe this could work best if you have engaged followers, this is a cool way to make money with your Instagram or your Facebook!

For example, if you partner with a coffee brand (and you already love their iced caramel coffee), you get to create a cute post of you enjoying your coffee...and just add the affiliate links or codes in the captions for your audience to join.

Affiliate marketing works best when you already love and trust the brand’s products or services!

You can make up to 30% commission of each sale. The more they buy, the more you earn! I recommend companies such as Shopify and Amazon for their awesome payout affiliate programs.

Become a Freelancer

Everyone has a secret talent, right? What’s something you’re super good at and love to do? You can probably turn your hobby into a paying job.

I became a freelancer by utilizing my skills as a social media marketer, and turning it into Coached by Dinasty. You can do this, too! If you enjoy writing or making custom crop tops, flip it into a business!

If you’re a writer, you can create content for online businesses and their social media platforms. Are you super organized and enjoy customer service? You can become a virtual assistant, or the “right-hand,” for entrepreneurs. It would be your job to help them organize the day-to-day tasks of their business.

Receptionists earn around $12.13 an hour. If you decide to go into business for yourself, you can adjust your rates based on your experience and productivity. Instead of $12.13, you could charge $15-$25 an hour!

As a freelancer, you are an independent contractor, aka your own boss. You set your own hours and wages, and you get to work in the comfort of your own home.

Find Websites that Pay

Perhaps you don’t want to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. You just need to make some extra cash to round out your income. Luckily for you, I know some handy websites that will pay you!

I’m sure you’ve heard of getting paid to take surveys. There are awesome sites like Swagbucks that pay you for simply giving your opinion. I also love Cash Crate. This site pays you for playing online games and taking surveys, but the kicker is they will send you a monthly check instead of just a gift card. Quick and easy!

If surveys aren’t your thing, no worries! There’s another option to work remotely with online customer care. My favorite sites for this job are:

  • Liveops
  • This virtual call center employs you as a work-from-home agent. Corporations like ADT and Murad use Liveops and their digital customer service to aid their clients when they need it most. All you need is a landline phone number, a corded headset and Wi-Fi.
  • SpeakWrite
  • You get paid to type! SpeakWrite pays up to $15 an hour to transcribe information for various businesses. Just like each job I mentioned earlier, you can set your own schedule and designate a workspace in your home to make your money.

Many people imagine being their own boss and running a business all while working in their comfy pajamas. If you implement my tips, you’ll secure your income without taking a step outside!

Going to work can be stressful when you don’t enjoy the work you do. However, you are in charge of your life. If you’re anything like me, you’re a hard worker and a self-starter. Employ yourself!