How I Made $30,000 In a Month (You Can, Too!)
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How I Made $30,000 In a Month (You Can, Too!)

When you think about your life five years from now, what do you see? I know COVID has put a damper on everyone’s immediate plans, but beyond that...if the world was back to “normal,” how would your life look?

If you picture sitting pretty on a balcony in London, you have great tastes! If you imagine being able to provide for your family stress-free, that’s awesome!

Are you ready to make that happen today?

Yes, it’s possible!

In 2019, CNBC News reported, “People who work from home earn more than those who commute.”

The reason for this is most work-from-home jobs are based on production or commission, not labor.

“The median earnings for a person who works from home were $42,442 in 2018, far above the median earnings for all workers which were closer to $38,184,” said Abigail Hess, careers reporter at CNBC.”

While many daydream about quitting their day job, it’s just as common for people to shrug off the idea as impossible and continue on with their usual routine.

When I started working from home and making my own money, I was only an 18-year-old college freshman! I founded my first e-commerce store on Instagram. That store made over 6-figures in six months.

This isn’t to say that if you’re older than 18 that it’s too late to start...quite the opposite, actually! My point is you don’t have to have much in order to get started. Don’t let limited capital, resources, time or energy hold you back from starting your own business.

You’ve already worked tirelessly at your job for countless hours, maybe even years...why not start working on your side hustle to one expand it into your own full-time business?

If you have a hobby that you love, such as writing or creating clothes, you can turn it into a paying job that supports you better than your current job! You can set your own rates to match your expertise and get paid what you’re worth!

This is how I crafted Coached by Dinasty, my own coaching service. I was able to make more money than I ever dreamed! Keep this in mind, can have multiple streams of income without having multiple businesses! While I have various revenue streams, Coached by Dinasty is my main business that increases my profit each month up to $30,000!

I’m going to break down how I make money from home and how you can, too!

I absolutely love working with people, especially young women, to help them discover their inner entrepreneur and prepare them to create their own businesses!

My coaching services are available in a few different ways: courses, eBooks and social media marketing for online businesses.

If you’re anything like me, you’re naturally business savvy. By using your own tools and wisdom, you’re able to help other business owners.

There are plenty of coaching services to become a pro in. Whether it be life coaches, business coaches, niche coaches (like for moms in business, beginners in business, etc.), you recognize what you’re good at and how you can help people. You begin your journey into studying how to be a resource for others!

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have learned a lot about managing a business! From staffing, client relations and creating products, I’m well-versed in virtually (no pun intended!) everything to do with online business.

I share this knowledge with my clients through my courses on how to become the amazing boss they’ve always wanted to be. I teach topics such as how to build your brand or how to make digital dollars. I’ve also written a few books that help people understand all the routes to success they can take! In my newest book, Digital Dollars, I give the full rundown on the 10 different ways I’ve made money from home!

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have learned a lot about managing a business! From staffing, client relations and creating products, I’m well-versed in virtually (no pun intended!) everything to do with online business.

You may think writing books is just for fun, but it can be a profitable source of income! Picture it this way, I’ve written a book called “Become a Boss” that I released just two years ago. On launch day, I sold 132 copies at $16.99 each. So, let’s add that all up!

132 books x $16.99 = $2,242.68

I’ve continued earning since the book’s release! Once you become the master of your skills, I encourage you to either create packages to aid your clients, or write a book with some of your trade secrets. Your audience will thank you!

With Coached by Dinasty, I take on the role as the social media strategist for my clients. I use my own marketing plans (with Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns) to make them more money!

All these services alone generate up to $20,000 a month! I price my products and services based on the value I am providing your business! If you were to create your own coaching programs and packages, you’ll be able to price your services according to what you bring to the table. Consider the time it will take to provide benefits to your clients when configuring your rates!

There are so many tools for you to use to get started with your own business. Whether you’re starting off working in your spare time or jumping in full-time, I encourage you to start sooner than later. You won’t regret it! If you need more guidance, sign up for a one-on-one consultation with me. We’ll strategize how to get your business off the ground running!