Club House Notes: 12/16 Black Women Making Millions Online During The Pandemic

Meeting recap of 5 amazing women of color outline their journey of entrepreneurship and making money online this year!

How to Get Paid Working from Home

We’ve all been there.

You work long hours that bleed into the evening. Your day started before the sun came up, or you’re off to work while your family is asleep at home and your friends are out for a fun night (pre-COVID, anyway!). When your alarm goes off to force you up and out of your cozy wish you could turn it off.

Online Courses that Make You Money

Have you started your business and wondered if you need a little more training on the “how-to’s?” Are you just starting out and looking for resources to help you find your target audience and earn income?

Well, you’re in the right place!

How I Made $30,000 In a Month (You Can, Too!)

When you think about your life five years from now, what do you see? I know COVID has put a damper on everyone’s immediate plans, but beyond that...if the world was back to “normal,” how would your life look?

If you picture sitting pretty on a balcony in London, you have great tastes! If you imagine being able to provide for your family stress-free, that’s awesome!

How to Build Your Online Presence

So, you’ve decided to be your own boss…

Congrats! Starting your own business is a big deal! Whether it’s a side hustle, part or full-time, venturing into entrepreneurism takes a lot of organization and hard work.

How to Write and Publish an eBook

Do you enjoy writing? Have you ever started writing a book...but haven’t gotten around to finishing it?

You’re not alone!